Saturday, January 31, 2009

nice trot

despite the nip in the wind .... in the barn, it's not noticeable, but go round the corner out of the shelter of the barn, and it surely is

nonetheless, decided to ride, and got really NICE trot - molly did try to wrestle the contact down a couple of times, but with some finger tweaks and pushing on she desisted.

tried a turn down the centre line in trot, which i hadn't tried before, a shade wobbly, but not too bad and nice left turn at the end which was good.

I didn't do a huge amount, my chin felt like a block of ice - the buff I've got to keep my head warm under the hat was sitting here on the desk, not helpful!

forecast for colder tomorrow, from the arctic, and snow tomorrow night/monday.

Arena had been harrowed & rolled, which got rid of a lot of the "divot type" lumps

researched the internet this afternoon and think i'll struggle to find a barrow that I like!


trudi said...

So you wear your *buff* (new one on me!!!) under your hat, mmmm, may have to try that one but today was about 14° and almost balmy so more like *in the buff* than wearing one :-)

Claire said...

if you check out their website, there's a video showing the different ways equestrians can wear it.....warming on a cold day!

Jean said...

Had to look up "buff" on the Internet, but that's exactly the kind of thing I wear under my helmet. It works really well--when you don't leave it home by the computer. *G*

Glad to hear the suggestions about Molly's dropping to low are working. Short ride or not, you had a lot of good success. Turning and then riding down the center line requires a lot more work than people realize. Once Molly stabilizes in her new frame she will get less and less wiggly. Good job.

Nicola said...

Riding in the buff brings other things to my mind!:)))
Sorry but im doing a snow dance for Sunday might have a few absences at work Monday:0