Thursday, May 31, 2007

nice walk out

apparently molly got to walk along the front of the house ... not what i'd planned, but partner had spotted a horse being fed outside the field (one of the geldings from the field opposite the mare's field, the normal place for grazing is along the grassy track between mares and geldings field...) so sensibly took her the other way. and apparently she was very well behaved.

we've been talking some more about nedt week, and think that the bandage can go between the fetlock and the hock to protect the wound... which should be a lot better by then... and we should be ok. i just hope i'm not expecting/trying for too much.... but if the vet says she should be ok, then one can only go with that!!!!

edited to add ... small holed haynets, jean.....! i do know that one........actually many years ago saw a friends horse caught up, was horrendous to get her out as she kept panicking.... nightmare.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

partner came to help...

to walk molly out whilst i mucked out.... thus, one hopes, reducing the amoutn of walking i do ...not sure about that, but doubt if partner's mucking out skills would be wonderfull......may be doing an injustice there.

but that worked, in that i didn't have to do both things. Molly wasn't out as long as i'd perhaps thought, i said, did she volunteer to come back? no, had been brought back as partner was worried that she was being a bit frisky and didn't want to lose her of course....

she's defnitely gone off the haybar.

and as for feeding off the floor... there was a dreadful mess ...

so it's haynets....becuase that way shecan eat and look out of the door at the same time!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

good news

we were really pleased with the look of the wound when the bandage came off; it had bled, as you would expect, but had stopped, and looked really clean.

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as usual wiht a photo doesn't look quite as nice as it did inthe flesh; this camera phone does take good photos!

anyway, redressed. There's a bit of swelling but nothing exciting.

he says, if she's still sound on saturday and nothing is looking horrid, she can go on the wagon - the reason is, my mate's partner is a really goo dhorse vet, to all the trainers in middleham (well, a lot of them!) and he can change the dressing when we get there. if I'm not totally happy, then my vet will come next monday and change dressing; and if it starts going tits up, ring vet before....

as for her eating. ... turns out she's gone off the haybar, because she can't see out and ofcourse she knows its summer and everyone else is out. so the hay is back on the floor by the door...

oh, and antibiotics in her feed, breakfast and tea.....

the problem is going to be me

i went to teh gp on a walk in basis on my way home from the yard, saw another gp ... he said, it's cellulitis andi shoudl be resting it. i said,no one's said that before! so essentially i've spent 2 1/2 weeks doing things i shouldn't have been doing...

my partner thinks i should go anyway, and my mate rather agrees. .. max can do molly and my mate can do the biz .. the point is for molly to get the work, and although he likes to work with the owner, i'll be there if not upright!

Monday, May 28, 2007

she's sound

took her out this morning for a bit of grass .... when she'd finished marching up and down! didn't want to stand at first (she really wanted to be in the field, but tough) and didn't stand and eat until Julie with Suzie appeared up the hill - and as I suspected would happen, when Julie started taking Suzie back in, molly followed (by going ahead LOL). anyway, she was sound as a pound, even the slightly puffy knee wasn't a problem, so I'm really pleased about that. Hope it's as good when the vet takes the dressing off tomorrow...

then I found she'd moved one of the rubber mats... i'd only two left down anyway as I'd been in process of taking them up to clean it up over the summer; so i've put another one down, hopefully will then prevent that happening again as there is a line of three down the one side of the molly had to stand in the yard in front of Suzie's stable (there's a pen....) whilst i did that....

she's really hacked off at being in though.

and all that haylage I'd left for her? mostly still there. clearly she was only having me on when she started eating it last night....she'll eat when she's hungry, but i wish she'd do her normal, and just eat!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


She likes the new haylage.... in preference to her tea.....

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i did think about taking her out for a walk, but it was blowing a howling gale, i was frozen and my leg wasn't happy (not that it's cold, just me....) and she wasn't that fussed once i put the haylage in.

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hopefully the leg is starting to heal under all this bandage.....

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but mum i want out....

is basically Molly's position....

She was fine in herself when i went down this morning, there was more than sufficient to muck out so clearly nothing going wrong with her innards which canbe an issue with antibiotics

A friend gave the jab (i'm useless at them, TBH)

if it stays dry ( had rained overnight and this morning) i'll see about walking her out in hand for a pick of grass, but on the drive to avoid the bandage getting wet...

when i've had my breakfast and sorted myself out will go find supplies....

reboot phone

I thought I'd lost all my photos, but then found the phone wasn't taking photos at all, weird, to restarted it.... and lo and behold

So, the access to the mare's field

The gap she went down

Showing the space between the hedge and the wire
and this is molly as i left to go the first time, still recovering from the sedation and decided this was a good place to prop her head.... i was a bit worried she choked herself, but it would have been exceedingly difficult to move her...

I guess the wire is there to keep the horses off the hedge ..... previously it hasn't been an issue, but this is a new gate, they've fenced off the original as they've reseeded the entire strip and are letting the new grass grow......

we always said this new access was dangerous, i think we were expecting one of us to be kicked if anything went off at the gate, since there's nowhere for a horse to go whilst you shut the gate and if you haven't got a really long lead rope it's a pig to shut behind you ...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

i so nearly

didn't work molly at all ... and i wish i'd gone with that.

She got away from me on the long lines .... tanked away... stopped to talk to her friends - i nearly got a hand to the lines .. she tanked back the other way and into the gateway where the gate to the mares field is ... i had a horrid feeling this would go pear shaped .. it did .. she went down the gap between the hedge and the wire fence, then got over the wire fence into the field, was chased round .... one of the lunge lines broke ... when we finally got them calmed down and caught her .. her off hind was bleeding profusely .. had to have the vet .... sedated, flushed out, all bandaged up ...

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very lucky it wasn't a lot worse though ... she'd chested the wire before going over it and we're very very lucky she didn't totally do her front leg in as well.

she nicked the artery lower part of off hind; vet thinks we'll be lucky - he didn't stitch it ..I have to jab her in the chest muscle tomorrow and Monday and the vet will be back out Tuesday to take the dressing off and see how she is...

i had some photos on my phone but have managed to lose them all as the phone didn't connect properly to the pc and when I disconnected it, they obviously all went... pc lying when it said there wasn't a drive at the end of that lead....edited to add.... i'd texted it to a friend and she's texted it back to me ... horrid...

and i have to go back in an hour or so, to see how she's doing and give her some haylage. and will have to go to feed store tomorrow for haylage and shavings.... had to borrow...

Friday, May 25, 2007

more groundwork again

after I'd wrestled with the fact that the road from home to the yard was closed; it's a nasty bendy lane which people regularly take too fast and go over the centre line, and tonight a car ended up under a transit van. police said no one hurt .... I guess what they mean is, no one seriously hurt. at least it wasn't' one of the horses, the main yard of the estate is at the bottom of that lane on one of the worst bends.....

so molly did a bit of groundwork again, much better than earlier this week in terms of going right, but I can't teach her to stand in her own space, so really looking forward to the session with Max ...

and the friend who organised it came back from York sales yesterday with a 7 year old Dutch warmblood working at medium level and jumping at a bargain price; vendor put it in last minute, no one hardly left to bid on it, perfect for friend's partner. vendor was in floods of tears at having to part with him anyway .... she'll be kicking herself more for not putting a proper entry in. My mate hadn't even taken her wagon as she hadn't been looking for herself ... another friend was looking for a shetland! So I'm all green eyed, as you can imagine. the bargain Price? £1,100 (that'll be about $2,200 US).....

Thursday, May 24, 2007


more, lashings more ....2 weeks ... hate to think what they'd have done if i were allergic to penicillin. and an appointment with dermatology, and a lecture on sunbeds in case i get skin cancer. i want rid of the psoriasis again ....the sunbeds work, and i am not going mad with it like some people do...

huge black rain cloud overhead when i got to the yard so i just fed and flysprayed .. and of course when i got home, the raincloud dispersed. isn't that just typical.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

long reining

round the 20 acre. She was generally very good, apart from a tantrum as we got to the bottom of the hill going away from the yard, that involves going through a gate and first she didn't want to go and came round back to me then when we got through, she decided turning round again was good... but after that, she walked on really well, didn't tantrum at all going through the gate out again at the other end, and when we got back along towards the house didn't tantrum at the helium filled birthday balloon that was going to leap out and bite her from about 200 yards away ... just turned to look at it a couple of times, thought about tanking back the other way, but didn't, and gently passaged away from it towards home.

i was quite impressed, really (and if we keep this up, i'll be a lot fitter as well,...)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

long lining

just a little bit (if only because i got a huge amount of the arena in my boots!!!)

had to set it all up before we left the stable, given her propensity for failing to stand still in the arena whilst i'm trying to adjust tack! got round there ok, got her going round the outside both reins in walk, then some trot circling both reins, changed direction without too much protest

i'd left the gate open (a bit difficult to close it behind me) so when i was trying to stop to dismantle everything and stop, she decided leave the arena was good - that'll teach me for stopping at the gate end, but it is a lot shallower in terms of the depth of arena - so we finished up longlining through the yard and out along towards her least favourite place.

think i might try longlining her out along that track tomorrow if the weather stays ok.

my leg is improving i think and my elbows certainly are - psoriasis there as well but at least it didn't get too badly scratched!

and the fresh air is helping of course..... short sleeves as well - but i don't know how i'm keeping warm really! just keep me away from chilly breezes!

Monday, May 21, 2007

racehorse to riding horse

is a competition for ex racehorses - only qualification is that they have been in training. My mate took their ex hurdler (ran 4 times over hurdles) to Osbaldeston for a heat yesterday and came 6th. She asked me to go - it turned into a ladies day out (apart from the horse, the only male about and he is a mate, the breeder, a teenager from the village who grooms for them, and me....) We thought it was the best of the bunch, the idea being to produce a riding horse, not a show horse... the rest were show. It was the only one ridden in a snaffle, the rest were in pelhams, and it was the only one that was lean and fit entry was 22, and last raced (point to point) at 14.....

but we were so pleased with my friends horse. it was the first of this sort of competition he'd done and he didn't put a single foot wrong. we weren't over keen on the riding judge .... hunt style rather than my friend's smooth as silk ....

and I stayed over last night, we didn't get back till nearly 9 and were pleased to get back then!

So All molly got yesterday was fed, but did a little bit of groundwork tonight until someone else came in to school ridden, and since we were arguing again about going right i just did until she actually did go right and then left it at that.

I think tomorrow I might tack up and long line... in my shorts though! still not right to put jodhpurs on unfortunately, although it does all seem to be subsiding, albeit slowly! appointment at doctor on Thursday morning before work.

and max is definitely confirmed for 4th & 5th June, really looking forward to that... hope my legs better by then .... i suppose as a one off i could ride wearing shorts if it isn't....

and back in the office this morning our receptionist was back after a week off sick, so i asked how she was and what had been the matter... her horse had died, been found dead in the field! horrid, but i guess it was heart attack and it'll have gone out happy ...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

found a new blog to read...

don't know if it's going to be updated but going to make interesting reading (willhave to go back to the beginning....)

more groundwork

I chose the best bit of the day, the wind had dropped a bit (and i was right, it WAS a good drying day!) and I took molly straight into the school for some rope circling. she was pretty good, in the scale of molly in the arena, and I was particularly pleased that we got a little bit of BACK .. not something she's wanted to do in the past but this time she did a couple of steps. But she wasn't standing still away from me, kept coming towards me, and I had to work hard to get her to go right. But by the finish we were doing that as well, and I also got some turn on the forehand from that side.

the leg is better with skirt/shorts though. I'd found my looser trousers, but i could feel my leg getting hot....


for the first time in about 15 years, i bought a new skirt.... i have concluded that the leg needs fresh air, not trousers and the only other skirt i had that fit me (i guess i need to lose some weight) was getting quite dirty, what with horsing around in it as well!!!!!

the leg looks as though its starting to subside this morning, which is good, i was starting to think it wasn't going to

molly, as you say jean, is happy to do nothing but get fed .... but annoying all the same. that has been the pattern with me/my horses for a good while = horse sound, me not and vice versa!

james it's not that i can't ride, i could, it's just that jodhpurs are so tight anyway, a swollen leg makes them uncomfortably so and would rub the affected skin more than it already is....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

still swollen

and i'm inclined not to put jodhpurs on until it's subsided, makes it too tight and won't be good for the skin i've nothing to report, between that and the rain last night...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

right leg up like a pudding

that's mine, not molly's ..... my own fault, i have psoriasis, which is itchy, and .....

so antibiotics, creams, blah

decided to not ride (really, not wear trousers/jodhs) till it's subsided a bit.

so back to groundwork (whilst wearing a skirt LOL). probabbly a good thing as I've been riding to the exclusion of groundwork which really is silly, i need to get back into a routine of alternating it (save that if i get a chance to ride out with smeone, i should take it!).

loads of halt & lame at the yard. apart from the old mare still recovering from her tendon injury, the gelding in the next box to me had a swollen leg, which burst out through the coronet band yesterday. and apart from the faller from sunday, there was liz from teh barn hobbling around - trapped nerve in back....

Sunday, May 13, 2007


but not wet and the horses were not too wet and thank goodness not muddy, so we rode - with out macs on and when we got back it was starting to get out nice (so nice, i've now got my washing out on the line).

molly was annoyed she coudln't play with her bit but the whole experience was a lot easier. the other two - we were all on mares! - were having issues as well. Scarlett horse came to one gate and was refusing point blank to open then gate and then to go through it, she was behaving as if there was a major horror just round the corner (you go through that gate to a narrow track under a bridge, river wear on your left and bridge support on your right). ended up with all three of us having to wait whilst the last one through came through and took the lead.

then later on we came to a gate that is never shut, but this time it was. the third mare took the lead at this one, and it was going ok ... then she rushed it before it was fully open, the rider got her feet caught on the fence we think, got pushed off, did a somersault, happily kept hold of the horse who pulled her away from the gate she otherwise would have landed on. that was scary, looked as though it was going to be a really nasty accident and it was only luck that it wasn't. horse had cut on her right at the top of the leg, and rider wrecked her chaps (lucky she had them on, there was a graze on her leg) and landed on her back.

and Molly? wouldn't go in a straight line and at one point napped pretending she was going to tank off back down the field tot he river but allowed herself to be turned round, but generally was a bit of a pain going out and then settled once she knew she was going home. and bravely walked right up to some sheep and lambs that were on the track round the last field, which impressed me.

overall, we were very lucky really.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

we needed rain

and we got it.

i was right in thinking i would have a wet horse when i went down this morning; and it started raining again (only a mizzle at the time ..but since then we've had several major downpours interspersed with sunny cloudy spells).

will see if it improves later, but short of keeping her in to keep dry and then trying to catch a dry spell ...

and no one else was riding that i normally ride with - one horse lame (thought to be abcess); one horse elderly losing too much weight to rider won't ride him (rider is not owner); another rider away for weekend....

told RI about having richard maxwell see molly soon, and about the success with the flash strap. agreed to think about lesson after the session with max.

Friday, May 11, 2007

looking forward

to tomorrow, assuming its not raining, should have a much nicer ride out with the flash strap on molly

and newer large knee rolls arrived, a swop with someone on EE who is taking my small ones....

and the cat's health is improving in that he has managed to drag himself to the litter tray a couple of times, has stood up, and partner had him out in the allotment today where he managed stand up and potter a little....

and the new pc arrived after a month! havent' tested it yet, but will be well pleased if it works (an ebay bargain..... will be neutral feedback though, it was like pulling teeth to actually get the machine and communication? what was that?)

and i MUST go to the feed store...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

2 1/2 years

to work out that a flash strap on the bridle is a good idea.

it is a good idea.

i only did loads of walk (did a little trot, but not much), but was able to get direction just with a very little pressure of the fingers YAY.

circles? of course.

small circles - reluctantly, but yes.


Think I might go for the myler mullen mouth though .... even though it's a mullen mouth, it moves independently either side.

someone said - it's as if putting that strap on has made a decision for her.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


was still there of course. train was 10 minutes late in so the course had started time I got in, but not to worry. a morning on asbestos and control of substances hazardous to health and an afternoon on HAVS (my specialist subject, i was told to just sit and shut up so as not to confuse the beginners!) and Noise induced deafness.

interestingly, there was an american lawyer from Philadelphia there; he works a lot with UK firms on asbestos cases (the same companies either side of the pond!). Apparently they've never heard of HAVS in the states (workers comp or product liability) which amazes me = they've tried Carpal tunnel, which is daft, as HAVs is much more likely ....

Maybe they need some training?

but in america, it is totally different. here we sue the employer; in the states, its workers comp (not the same as an employer's liability claim) or the tool manufacturer for defective product. to my mind a vibrating hand held tool is not a defective product, it is after all doing what it's designed to do!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


i would have been blown away if i'd tried, and that sort of wind always winds me up. plus, it looked as though everyone had been and gone (been raining on and off all day). so despite the clean bridle, new flash strap AND clean martingale, decided to just feed and com ehome. London tomorrow, a course.... horrid amounts of time on the train, very expensive rail fare (i get it back, but still... the wonder why people don't use public transport? hah. )

Monday, May 07, 2007


the flash strap worked! only had the synthetic one and had to put a new hole in it and didn't have a keeper, but it worked. she was much better. it kept the bit in place andpretty much kept her mouth shut . hadn't put the hole in the right place (it's very hard to put a hole in a synthetic strap!) but even so it was so much better.

only in the arena as there wasn't anyone going out, and i wanted to try it of course in the confines of a safe space!

but i was pleased.

i've decided the sit tights are perfect for hacking but a bit too sticky for flat work.....

Sunday, May 06, 2007

emergency vet

for the cat, old blackie .. we think he's broken something, or at least very seriously bruised. came back this afternoon and found him in the garden , initially didn't think anything of the fact that he was lying on the concrete, it picks up the heat from the sun and where he was will have been a sunny spot. then i heard a yowl as simba tried to play with him. i took a look and realised he was in a bit of bother; in fact, he couldn't put any weight on his back legs, was pulling himself with his front!!!!! rang vet, went up there to the surgery with the cat. Bill to be paid tuesday; vet couldn't tell if anyting was broke or not, needs xrays, and then to cap that coulnt' give painkillers as blackie had been at vet friday with ear infection and the injections for that meant that the painkiller couldn't be given!!!!!!!

we parked him downstairs on a cat bed, with the litter tray to the side and the food/water in front!!! and he has barely moved since, save just now to get out from under the cat blanket we'd put on top of him.

don't know if he's been hit by a car - but unlikely, he wouldn't have been able to crawl to thefront garden from where he could have been hit by any cars - and partner wonders if he fell out of the tree , but i can't see that, he's never gone out to that bit of the tree, he's never had the ability to get that high up (unlike simba!)

sudden brainwave

after the ride out ... which was not too bad in teh scale of things, save that i made the mistake of asking her to move a touch before everyone else was ready and ended up being hauled into the arena... she only consented to come out when person on horse came to get us! a nd refused to turn right...

anyway, just a walk out, for most of which molly was in the lead, and did very well on the way back as there was a horse eating lamb onthe other side of the fence (it had got out of the field we were in and couldn't work it's way back, mother on our side!) and she was actually listening to me down there!

anyway, we'd been discussing why there is such a problem with bits/mouth etc and had talked about her openeing her mouth etc.

the brainwave... why on earth don't I put a flash on? i've never used the flash attachment that came with the wintec bridle (and don't have a leather flast strap for the leather bridle...) so the plan is in the morning to put the flash on and see what happens. also, must by some bit guards (those round plastic things that stop the bit being pulled through the mouth....)

who knows, it may be that that sorts it!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

frozen , but rode

and with a bit in. Put the mullen mouth in to see what happened, and brought the stool round to the yard rather than taking the horse to the arena. so got on in good order and no problems, she stood like a lamb whilst the others got on.

going down to the 20 acre takes her past her field gate so she tried to nap into her field! then followed down the hill and was striding on ahead of the rest until half way round, when she had to stop and wait for them.

then carried on round, she tried to nap home instead of over the ford but followed the others, then we went on ahead - there's a little track trhough a coppice with stream on right (thatwe'd just crossed) and field on left, she strode on ahead most of the way along (again, we had to stop and let them catch up, she had to reassure herself they were still there!) then on again and WE OPENED THE GATE AT THE END when in the past she's had a major strop at that one every time.

but i was FROZEN. i hadn't been that cold, but there was a faint breeze with a nip in it and I didn't have my jacket on, so i turned round and went back with julie who had suzie out in hand (that's the horse with the fetlock!). molly didn't want to turn round but did, and i was pleased, i was nithered, and even when i got back and got my jacket on i didn't really warm up until i got back inthe ouse and put the heating on and then had a bath! and it wasn't that cold, really.

but i wasn't pleased with moly when we got back.. we've been used to going straight throught the yard and getting off in the arena (as much for the benefit of my still achy foot, as for the benefit of her head) but she napped to the stable (too many cars for too much of an argument) and whilst i did get herturned round to go away, she turned back round and started in to the stable, stopped her but it was a close run thing so i got off. I know, i shouldn't have, but I don't want to be dumped on concrete/my head off a wall/whatever and the parked cars were all a bit close for comfort....

went up to hexham later, dressed for chilly, and the sun got out to a nice day (still a bit of a nip on the tops); then up to allendale to see queenie and pay for her keep. she was so far across the field we decided not to go over.... huge hike up and across, and wrestly with horrid shetland also in field with her and two youngsters... she looked ok from a distance. the friend who keeps her wasn't in, but happily was down the hill at neightbours farm ... so had a good chat. no ideas from her on the molly front, save that she inclined to the view that the early work was not given consistently or well...

so turned out a go

Friday, May 04, 2007

friday night again

and late home again - had to do some shoppoing, and there was a possibility partner would need rescuing from her walk, which was near my work, so stuck about a bit. and it's cold again, we've been spoilt.

hopefully, nothing will prevent us riding tomorrow!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

depressed and p*****d off

that's both of us i think.

I am bored in the arena. i thnk Molly's bored in the arena as well, but since she refuses to leave once in that's her own fault. i did in fact get her out of it today. took 10 minutes of standing at the entrance and then she woudln't go much further

asked a couple of people what there plan was - a hooly up holme hill, and that ain't in my plans at all until i have a bit back in that i know won't be argued with .....

someone else was going to ride out and i was going to see about going with her, but she put someone else up on her horse and went out on foot with them ....

bored, depressed and pissed off...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

late and cold.....

last two appointments of the day at our redcar (coast) office, coming out in rush hour, needed petrol..... late to yard and really really cold - the sit-tites are brilliant, but not warm! and I'd missed everyone that was likely to be riding (last one walking away down the hill as i went round to get molly) .... so again she got a night off. bbrrrhh. we've put the heating back on!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

much better....

we actually got some sensible trot, and we got to go where i wanted (in the arena ... everyone else had gone out already....) AND i got some sitting trot as well.

how long that all lasts is another matter.... but good while it lasts.

maybe i was stressed on sunday? i don't know.

i wasn't on her for very long really (interrupted by small pony coming in, back off hack, to see if she was lame in the arena, as she was out ... diagnosis bruised sole, pony turned out) so i didn't keep going as long as I might otherwise have done, but i was pleased with the small amount i did.

someone said, as they came to help me get on, why don't i hold the reins up tight and hold on to the mane .. so i showed them what happens if i try that... no different from if I don't, she just goes round me in a circle and/or moves when i put my foot up on the stool....