Thursday, August 05, 2010

last post of this blog!

Since it's turning into the search for a new horse, I've started the new blog:


Follow the link!

I don't think I'll post more to this one. Molly's story is pretty much done.

However, I shall welcome you all to the new one and hope that, in due course, i have good things to report instead of the continuing litany of what hasn't worked, LOL

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

not sound

got a free arena so took her in on the way from the field - she's still not quite right on that shoulder. goodness knows what she did to it...

Darley didn't get my online app, it's missing in the ether, so did another one...

acquaintance from blackdene rang to tell me about a 5 year old TB down in crook, that's quiet enough for her daughter to ride (daughter quite young, not sure if she's quite in her teens yet) so i said i might be interested to see that...

interesting what pops up as word gets round!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

starting to look

last time i actively looked for a horse was 1995 - and i got queenie, who i had known for years anyway.

it's interesting!

was offered a nice one today, but for more money than i have. was told of another that someone is trying to give away - it's 18, so no thank you! LOL.

also told of another place in yorkshire rehoming OTTB's, so off to investigate that...

and horsemart:

couldn't get in arena again to see how molly is..

Monday, August 02, 2010

? on soundness

i did give a passing thought to trotting molly loose in the arena, to see how the right shoulder/whatever lameness is doing, but it was full of children so i decided to leave it to tomorrow.

but when i turned her out i had a look at how she was moving, and she seemed slightly uncomfortable still.

the bute was finished at the weekend, of course...

also discussed my decision with molly's previous owner, who fully agrees with my views on the subject - that's always good!