Tuesday, August 03, 2010

starting to look

last time i actively looked for a horse was 1995 - and i got queenie, who i had known for years anyway.

it's interesting!

was offered a nice one today, but for more money than i have. was told of another that someone is trying to give away - it's 18, so no thank you! LOL.

also told of another place in yorkshire rehoming OTTB's, so off to investigate that...

and horsemart:


couldn't get in arena again to see how molly is..


Jean said...

Horse in ad: "Not for novice" sets up a bit of a worry flag. He could be a bit of a handful now and then, perhaps. Pretty boy, though.

Think about what you really want to do with a horse. How you want to ride and what kind of challenges you want to face. I think you're done with the "I don't wanna do that" kind of horse and would really need a "Ok by me, just drop the reins and let's go for a hack" kind????????????

Jean said...
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Jean said...

Posted the same thing twice for some reason. And I only hit "publish" once. The evil blogger twin at work??

Claire said...

i think, jean, people would usually say "not for novice" with a view to at least putting off people with no idea at all, LOL

bu8t you're right, that's the sort i want... finding it is the difficult bit.

i have been offered a horse on loan... but will need to think hard about that!

Claire said...

i wondered why you'd deleted one, LOL!

Jean said...

Somebody with an attitude like my Chance would be perfect for you. There is a horse out there for you.

You'll find him/her.