Friday, January 09, 2009

good lesson

well, 1/2 lesson anyway, other half on sunday.

Firstly, Molly stood to be mounted without pressure halter etc - I did ask Jill to stand nearby in case, but she stood! YAY.

i'd had a text from teacher to say start warming up she was on her way, and was behind hand doing that due to receiving a phone call!

and Molly was in season - she and the other mare had been "tarting" over the fence - i blame the new mare for that, Molly hadn't done that before! That accounts for the less good work earlier this week.

anyway, instructor turned up 1/2 hour later, had been held up by her son having a tantrum, as they do.

She was pleased with where we were compared to last time (i'd been working, and we weren't as stressed as first lesson anyway!) and we worked on getting molly soft/round and on what degree of contact would get the desired result without stressing her head. at one point i had her so soft/round she offered forward into a lovely trot without my realising she was going to, and then did something that no horse has ever done for me before - offered soft and down! she wanted to stretch down. unfortunatley i didn't recognise that, so blew it, but there we go!

we then gave her a really loose rein and pushed the walk on, riding by seat, and then gradually took the contact back. very interesting!

then instructor's youngest child (fast asleep in car with engine on) woke up -someone had been minding her! wind - and needed her ma. so we ended lesson there, as molly had been out an hour and i was frozen. instructor said we'd finish up on sunday, she was clear she hadn't given as much time as she normally does.

she said molly was tracking up and overtracking really well and looking really god, and was pleased with the work we'd done since the last lesson. I was pleased. and of course, the first lesson, as I say, was stressful..

the other thing - with all the work, molly's mane now lies all the same way!

so more on sunday.

and my god deed for the day, i found some bedding for another livery owner, she thought no one had any of what she uses in stock, but someone did, so off we went to get it (beats hoovering as an occupation! but i had to do that later...)

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Jean said...

Good for you! The first offer of "soft and down" will happen again, I am sure. You really have to be expecting it to happen to know how to react. Congratulations! That is a big accomplishment.