Friday, January 02, 2009


stephanie & I had a really good day. we both spent some money - books, jacket, trainers, lunging cavession with bit hangers! lunch.

found a copy of Mrs Hubroun's SideSaddle but didn't buy it - it was £38 and we don't want to ride side saddle... but it's a rare book, probably won't be reprinted, and someone out there will want it!

molly did nicely without me, apparently, and i went down gave her tea and checked her over..

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Jean said...

I rode sidesaddle for a while. Russell R. was a wonderful horse for it. I came close to qualifying for Madison Square Garden at one point, but that was no really big deal as there were very few competitors. My good friend did qualify and rode in New York at the big show!

It's fun. You are a lot more secure on the horse than you might think but keeping centered and getting the horse to take correct leads is a bit of a trick, unless your horse as a super as Russell was. I never managed to jump successfully, though. It would be a blast to do a dressage test sidesaddle someday, but I think my saddle is too old now to be safe. (And I'd worry that it might hurt my horses' backs.)