Wednesday, January 14, 2009

poor molly

because it's been so warm the last couple of days & nights, and she overheats if overrugged, she has a lightweight stable rug on.

I'm up bright and early as you see - and you should see the frost on the cars. drat. but at least it'll mean the mud is frozen and any hay I put out will stay on the surface!


cptrayes said...

She'll be fine!

Better underrugged and fed well than overrugged and hot.


Jean said...

I agree with Caroline. Sweating under a rug is not a good thing. When it gets cold again, then horse and rug are both wet and more likely to chill.

With enough food and shelter from the winds--if there are any--she should be just fine.

Claire said...

you're both right of course - but i was concerned that there might not in fact have been enough hay! because as you also know, the amount of hay to be fed depends on the weather as well!