Tuesday, January 13, 2009

whoo hoo

it might not have been technically correct (in terms of where my hands were) but that was the best trot i've ever had on any horse ever.

through, round, soft,moving (was she moving!)

my hands were on my thighs but i was flexing the fingers as required.

instructor happened to see it (she was there mucking out etc. a friend's horse, friend being poorly bad)

i wish someone had been there filming, y'all would have been as impressed as i was!


Jean said...

Yippeee!! What a grand feeling that must have been! When it happens it's a feeling you'll want every time you ride--an addiction.

Do be patient though just in case Molly does not easily offer it every time you get on right now. The extra muscle work it requires MIGHT make her a little sore or tired. Always ask a little each day, though and soon it will become the everyday pleasure of riding her.

trudi said...

Yes absolutely Jean, that's the feeling that keeps you going through all the *other* times. Whoo hoo indeed Claire.

Nicola said...

Hey get you smarty pants:))) Well done!

Jean said...

Claire, I was able to post on MaryLou's blog. I told her to post here or at my blog since you can't seem to answer on hers.

Hopefully it will work OK. It was fine for me from here in the USA.

Claire said...

jean, yes i know - but she's improving all the time, all the work i've been doing, especially since Jenny was here back in July, and finding it easier every time!

I'll go and try marylou's blog again, it was weird!

Nicola, i want some of that grass!