Friday, January 16, 2009


hadn't done that for a good while, what with all themoutning practice and good lessons & good riding, so I thought it woudl be interesting to see what she's doing from the ground.

She walks when asked.

Her trot is more through.

She cantered when asked both reins.

She went right rein with no argument at all - if a bit hurried.

she came back to walk when asked...well, not immediately, but hugely quicker than has been known in the past.

She wasn't as relaxed as I'd have liked, but no matter

The advance lempsips seem to be having the desired effect, in that I'm getting no worse, which is good, and felt inclined to do things today!

instructor rightly suggests lunge lessons for me - but can't do that on Molly, she's not strong enough and not good enough on the lunge for that! so she suggests a fellow livery's horse when he's back in work....(he hasn't done a lot all winter....). anyway, we'll see what we can do without that for the meantime.

Hello Danni & Trudi! put some pictures up!


Jean said...

Glad the medicine is working.

Interesting that the progress under saddle is now starting to show up on the lunge. That's going to make both phases of your training easier. Good going.

Claire said...

well it's all linked, isn't it! are you home early today?

Nicola said...

Amazing how everything seems to come together at once!

Okay how do you do the links down the side of the page I cant get it to work?

Claire said...

nicola, i'll email you!