Saturday, January 10, 2009


which i think was caused by too much time spent looking upwards, with my neck bent back, into the tree - we were taking down the christmas lights. so i'd pretty much decided not to ride, and it was stil very cold (-3 this morning) with added windchill - so didn't. glad i didn't, i wasn't really up for it. painkillers to the fore! looking forward to the other half of my lesson in the morning, anticipate the headache will have gone by then as i'm not planning on looking up any more today, LOL.

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Jean said...

My chiroprator has often warned me about that. My little tree will be no problem to take down. However the outside decorations are now snowed and too wet to store so they will stay up for a while yet.

Hope you feel better for that lesson! I am looking forward to hearing more progress.