Saturday, January 03, 2009

unsettled ....

for 4 reasons, i think

1. we were in the smaller arena
2. there was a jumping lesson going on in the larger arena
3. i left the pressure halter on.
4. 2 of the new horses were shouting for each other (one in stable, one in roundpen!)

i think 3 was the most important and will not do that again. i will go back to 2 or 3 on/off and then take the halter off and get on the final time....

having said that, we did get a few nice trot strides - the going is a bit better inthe smaller arena, no boggy bits to avoid - and i did manage a circle each rein.

but then she got against the hand again, not hugely badly, and i think a lot of that was i was trying to wrestle with the reins AND a lead rope - granted a lot easier than the 12 foot line, but still in the way!


cptrayes said...

With mine it would have been number 3 or 2


Jean said...

Maybe you could just fasten the rope around her neck and let it lie there when you ride.

2 or 4 might have unsettled my Boys, but it's hard to tell. Sometimes they actually concentrate on me!! Sometimes....*G*

Claire said...

and of course she'd had a day off the day before!

i think it's the flapping rope that's as much of a problem , jean...don't want to have it too tight whilst riding since it is, of course, a pressure halter...not the effect you want when on board!