Thursday, January 15, 2009

lemsips 'r us

think i've caught the bug partner's been fighting for a month am medicating it before it gets going!

was ok this morning, i thought, but by this afternoon i was really struggling to keep going and since it was a horrid day weather wise (damp, windy) and molly clearly couldn't be bothered either (she'd been demanding to come back in since 0900, and was brought back in at lunchtime when i got back from taking fellow livery owner to hospital & back!) i decided to just give more hay/feed to see her till themorning and come home and dose myself up with aforementioned cold medicine!


Jean said...

No sense in pushing yourself if you don't feel well. Molly will understand.

Stay warm, have some nice hot tea and go to bed!!

trudi said...

Hope you're feeling a bit brighter today.

Danni said...

Get well soon!

epona said...

oh no!! the dreaded lurgey - im trying to fight it off too! ((((HUGS))) from a distance hehehe!! Hope you feel better soon :-)