Thursday, January 29, 2009

better - but cooooold

Did some flexions inthe stable first - she was MUCH happier about those than she has been for a good while, albeit still not happy right - which is odd, as if I were to hold a carrot at the girth that side, she'd have no difficulty stretching round for it.  Actually, that's a thought - if I do that, that may help her loosen the muscles....
then i got on, and didn't have any of the grief I had yesterday, and i got a really nice trot as well - but it was sooo cooold - it had been one of those damp days, where even though it's not that cold it feels as though it is - and by the time i was riding, it was in fact getting colder and there was a stiffish breeze .....despite the riding hat, my head got really cold
so we only did about 20 minutes. if that


Jean said...

Damp cold is much colder, I guarantee it.

Carrot stretches are great. I should do some before I ride next time--whenever that will be. *sigh*

Does your ground freeze? Here is it like concrete and with the frozen snow/or ice dangerous in places.

trudi said...

It's been pretty good here the last couple of days...feel for you in the cold damp, cold dry yes but the damp gets in your bones, brrr

Claire said...

jean, the ground does freeze when it's cold enough, but it's been above freezing for a couple of weeks now... think we've had our really cold spell!

Danni said...

Were you doing head and mouth flexions or carrot stretches? Either are perfect in the warmth of a cosy stable!

It's horrid in the cold isn't it? Muscles tense up and it's hard to concentrate on anything other than how cold it is. Well, that's what I do, definitely prefer the sun on my back!

Hope things warm up soon :)