Thursday, January 01, 2009

i think...

we're at the stage with the mounting practice where really all Molly needs is the presure halter on and she'll stand....i tried first time without it today ,but that resulted in a move soon as i put it on, she stood.

but the 12' rope is too long and thick to carry in the hand sensibly, so i think i'll try it with just a lead rope (then i needn't get off again...)

interesting how calm Molly is about it all now.

a few more weeks of this, and I'll be able to try again with the tall mounting block in the's too heavy to move, you need three people at least, and it's badly placed altogether .. but given the progress i'm making at the moment, that one will be "cracked" eventually as well!


cptrayes said...

Sounds like good progress for the New Year already.


Jean said...

Terrific. A nice lead rope will give you enough length to make her work in a small circle--uncomfortable for her, so even more effective--while still being short enough to ride with. The 12 footer is too long, I totally agree. Sounds like a plan to me!!