Monday, January 26, 2009

teeth today

horse dentist was out today. She hasn't seen molly for 6months - thought she'd developed some muscles! so did that, then kept her in - plan to go see friend ride then come back and lunge - but time i got back from that, i was frozen and it was late - and i had no change for the meter for lights in the arena! so she got an unexpected day off.
and i put my riding hat on whilst the dental work was being done - bad enough being bashed in the head by molly's jaw, the prospect of being bashed in the head whilst molly wearing dental gag was NOT a happy one, so discretion became the better part of valour!  she did settle - i THINK i might have found the "relax" spot!

co-incidentally (whilst I do have Racinet's books) in this months' horses for life is a reprint of Racinet's article on Flexions from riding in lightness. so have printed that out...


Jean said...

Good idea about the riding hat. I'll have to remember that at dentist time. Toby and Tuck are pretty OK, but Chance was a bit much to handle.

Nicola said...

Yes I never like the idea of all that metal flying around!
Polo used to be great until he needed all that drilling work doing not quite so good now but not horrendous.Ali's very good about it.