Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it's a form of mud fever


had a long chat online with natasha this morning, her OH is a very goo dhorse vet; they've had the same thing with one of theirs.  took 8 weeks to clear him... :-(

advice is to put an antiseptic type cream on, gamgee, bandage, keep in, and that'll mean i'll have to exercise her twice a day.

i'll have to keep a close eye on that swelling up, though, to be sure it doesn't!  but i need to keep her out of the wet to give the skin a chance...

and new farrier (YO's OH) saw her for the first time today in a professional capacity!  said she had really good feet due to not having had nails in them....


Jean said...

Blogger was out last night.

Glad you found out what is going on with Molly. It is a nuisance, but you do know how to treat her.

I would suspect that her previous bout of mud faver has made her particularly sensitive to another. Glad you caught it early.

Danni said...

Oof! Mud fever, what a pest. But as Jean has said, it's good to know what it is.

Hope she isn't too sore with it and it clears up quickly. Not easy with this damp weather!