Sunday, January 18, 2009

a right radge....

that was me - well not a full blown one, but working on it! So I shouldn't have bothered riding. The cause? excessive noise - YO's OH had the roller going outside the barn, all over, and for some reason it really rubbed me up the wrong way today.

then, having cycled down in nice weather, and there being nobody there when i arrived - time i got her groomed etc the weather had turned and we ended up with 3 of us in the arena.....wind up all their tails - starting to get damp - pointless.

So i got off again after about 10 minutes, before i lost the plot totally and thus made Molly do the same.

I was on long enough to discover that Jean is right, it's my knees of course!

and of course time i set off home the precipitation had ceased (the wind hadn't, though)


Jean said...

Only figured maybe grip because, despite what we may think, gripping actually lifts us up out of the saddle instead of letting us sink down into it. Glad you at least have an idea of what to work on.

However, it doesn't seem today was the day to concentrate on anything. Hope your ride home on the bike wasn't too miserable.

trudi said...

What's a radge Claire??

Claire said...

a radge is a grump - bad temper! - a local term! and that sort of noise really hacks me off!