Wednesday, January 28, 2009

was she trying to tell me something?

probably, but i'm not totally sure what... other than it involved "don't want to"

At least I got on. But, she would NOT move. i'd left my schooling stick - hadn't needed it for i don't know how long, few weeks - but had to go back and get it.

Then i had her do 2 circuits each rein in hand, and got back on.

Then she moved, but never settled - occasionally I'd get the odd few nice strides where i could feel her back round under me, but then she'd start head tossing - at one point i ended up with her slaver on my specs!

part of it was the squidgyness underfoot, i expect, as it seems to have rained all last night and despite the warmth hadn't really dried much by this afternoon. the rest of it - who knows. it's not as if I work her too hard!

on and flexions? remind me to do in hand ones in the stable! she didn't want to know about them, either!

I gave up at the finish as I was getting totally fed up and hacked off, which is never a good mood to be riding in!


Jean said...

Did we consider ulcers in Molly? I forget at this point. The not wanting to go can be a symptom.

Saddle issues too, but you are using the Vogue? Could be something with the padding or the girth?

Another possibility is that some of her muscles are sore from using her back. I know I mentioned that before. You might try some neck stretching and belly lifts before you get on to help loosen her up?

Otherwise, you can join Stacie and me in our musical ride. Here are the movements: Enter at A. X, halt. Halt. Halt Continue halting. What do you think? *lol*

Claire said...

no, we didn't consider ulcers, although having followed everyone else's discussions on the topic, it did end up at the back of my head one time! I don't think so, but who knows....

My money is on muscles/soreness/the like

belly lifts? not heard of those...i need to do flexions more often & consistently! that's for sure.

That musical ride sounds good!

Jean said...

Cancel Stacie in our musical ride. The people want crazy money for the mare.

Belly lifts: Place your hands under her belly in the girth area and press up. Her first reaction will be to arch her back. Usually only works once but it can offer a kind of "adjustment" to her back.

You can also "hug" her. Stand in front, put your hands behind her ears and kind of rock towards her, so she stretches her neck into you. You might even hear the vertebrae click into place if they are out of alignment.

Claire said...

that's a shame about the mare! i expect the vendors will regret that!

thanks for the info...