Sunday, January 25, 2009

trot serpentine

i really can't remember the last time I did a trot serpentine - probably on Queenie, probably about 6 years ago? something like that!
Certainly hadn't done one on Molly before, and today I thought the trot is now good enough, and she's listening to me for turns well enough, to try one - and we got it! With no argument about the bends. not the perfect serpentine of course, but pretty good!
also some nice trot walk trot transitions, and a couple of halt/trot transitions
and she only got her head right down once (and yes, people it is too far down if i don't catch it) - did push her on a bit, which clealry helped, so thanks for that! and i pretty much managed to keep my foot in such a position that it wasn't getting twisted.
Mind, she wasn't happy by the finish but generally speaking i was pleased.
We do get put off by the boggy area H - C, which is quite deep and Molly don't like it, who can blame her!


trudi said...


Jean said...

Wonderful! Glad the "more forward" idea helped. And, it's also good to hear that she steered so well to manage a serpentine. That means your stretching is really correct. When it translates to the lateral and bending work, then what you are starting to have is a correctly engaged horse. Big steps here!!

Claire said...

also a more relaxed horse.

Trudi, i wish i could remember the flexions you showed me.. I can remember the ones Jenny showed me (have them on video) but can't remember at all how you do yours. I feel sure they'd help as well!

trudi said...

Hi Claire, just wrote them up on my blog but I want to read the article you mention on H for L, read the PK one last night but got too tired to read more.