Monday, January 19, 2009

rain? snow? what was it?

who knows, but it ws so dire this morning that Jill and I agreed we were keeping Oscar & Molly in.  normally they're first out (and often only ones out these days) but it was TOO wet - considering the fields are muddy anyway, and we thought the downpours and wind of this morning was too much on top of that!

so in they stayed.  I regretted it though as Molly still needs exercise to keep her legs down.  They've not been so bad for ages, but particularly puffy today. Jill has the vet coming Friday, so I can see how she does.

so time i'd mucked out this evening (the rain having stopped and the wind dropped) i loose schooled her in the small arena.  Again, useful to see how she's moving.  and then we did some "picking feet up politely" practice, as we'd lost a bit of that!

and when i got home and FINALLY got signal on my mobile phone - got a text, going for a hack in the morning, that'll be interesting!


Jean said...

Wish you good weather for your hack! It has been a while, hasn't it. Perhaps some of Molly's new found training will help you have a pleasant ride.

When it finally thaws here, I'll have plenty of mud to gripe about. *sigh*

Nicola said...

Been horrible today...cold and wet yuck!
Good luck for you hack.Got you email re the blogger links will have a go at the weekend when ive got time to mess about:0

trudi said...

We had the terrible weather too Claire, not that it's any consolation.

Mary Lou said...

Hi Claire. I just started reading your blog and I am so jealous that you are only a mile from your barn. I am 6.5. It keeps me from getting too fat though. I am sitting here eating chips (crisps), very bad habit!


Claire said...

hi mary lou! good to see you here