Wednesday, January 07, 2009


above freezing. got as high as 4!

following through my thought about the DR Cook's BB having the same effect as a pressure halter, today I rode in the BB. I got on first time with no argument.

BUT then we lose a lot in the work in that Molly doesn't then work properly over her back as there's not the same contact for her to work into. but no headshaking etc of course. Having said that, I have to think more about getting stuff with my seat, and circles, straight lines up the middle/across the centre inside leg to outside hand were working...

As it's such a long time since I've ridden in it i didn't try for trot.

I think it should be possible to have both bridles on so I think I'll play with that thought tomorrow!


cptrayes said...

FOur! FOUR! You LUCKY person, you could almost sunbathe :-)


Jean said...

Above freezing here too, thank goodness. Otherwise we'd be three feet under either ice or snow.

Interesting about the bitless. I thought the theory was that horses would work just as well in them as in a bit and bridle. I've got one here (biothane) I need to unload. Tucker absolutely hated it.

Used to ride in a jumping hackamore years ago on Russell and a little with PJ. Never did try that on Toby or Tuck. Don't think it would work for serious dressage.

trudi said...

Oh please send your warm here Claire, it never got above -4 yesterday and today is pretty much the same. Auto water is now iced up and I HATE doing buckets.

The bitless is great for making you work from your seat and not hands, would agree that it doesn't have the finesse of a bit. I intend to start my babe using a bitless/bit combo, very much how the old classicists did, look forward to hearing how it goes with Molly.