Saturday, January 31, 2009


got to the yard @ 0730 or so this morning to find the gate wide open but no one there....odd.

went in, fed them all, opened the back door and went out with water bucket and looked for wheelbarrow -

3 wheelbarrows missing

then noticed the gap where a trailer was also missing.

so, Louise's trailer stolen, three wheelbarrows - 2 orange ones, and my green one that I've had for about 15 years and which isn't made any more (the company went out of business). the trailer was due an outing today, pony going to's insured, and they will have been able to borrow another but still.

I've been trundling round trying to find another barrow that i like - not easy! and an expense i could have done without (polycarbonate, about £50)

will tour the DIY stores & garden centres later after I've done something with molly .. not sure what, ATM, that wind has got up again - may lunge again.


Di said...

Claire, that's bad news, thank god they didn't take any horses!!!

Jean said...

Oh, my goodness!! That is scary! I agree, thank goodness they left the horses alone. Was the lock broken or had someone forgotten to latch it behind them?

Good luck in finding a new wheelbarrow. That has to be so frustrating. The old one was an "old friend," but worse, it was yours. It must feel so uncomfortable knowing someone stole it from you.

trudi said...

Makes me feel sick, sorry to hear this Claire. we had a trailer *nicked* from a yard, we had a security hitch so they just brought another one with them and took down a huge wall to get it out of the yard.....