Wednesday, January 14, 2009

take the contact down

in trot.

something else I've never had on any horse I've ever ridden before.

Am I making progress, do you think?

and she really did keep the contact. I remembered what i'd missed when she offered this during the lesson sunday, and was ready for it! A bit disconcerting in terms of horses head nearly on the floor, but hey.

BUT i've started putting too much weight on my inside foot again on circles, especially on left bend. a while since I've done that! and it may be one of the reasons I broke said foot in 2006. Now why the heck do i do that? a subject for next lesson.

Also have started halt/trot.


Jean said...

Yay!!!!! This is a major breakthrough. Apparently Molly has discovered at last how good it can feel to really lift her back under you. This is the first key to unlocking the rest of riding. Fabulous!!! *VVVVBWG*

Molly may be pushing you a big to the inside. Why is not so important. Now that you know you are doing it, you need to fix yourself by centering your seat each time you feel it. You are not looking down and to the inside, are you? Sometimes that starts to happen when the horse learns to stretch down and you are so focused on her head, etc, that you unconsiously "stretch down" too.

I'm sure that new, wonderful trainer of yours will sort you out. Don't fret about it.

trudi said...

Hey you're accepting followers!!Must get a pic done as I hate appearing as the faceless follower :-)
You're doing brill, try to keep puttinga little weight into your outside stirrup on corners and circles, then check you have a central balance in your seat. Like Jean says tho' your instructor should spot it and help with corrections.

Claire said...

yes i'm very pleased indeed!