Tuesday, January 27, 2009


and molly did work hard. I wanted to see how she's doing.  She was really using herself, but it'll take some work to slow her down but keep the activity.  At the moment, I think that is easier ridden, when i can slow my rise....
despite teh thermometer saying it was above freezing it was one of those damp days wher eyou end up feeling colder than you expect.  
and the car has to go for repair - an expense I could well do without! - as it's losing coolant, not good! 


trudi said...

Despite the bad press that lunging gets in some circles, i love it. I always move around with the horse and find that they feed off your activity. Try spiralling the circle in Claire, this has the effect of slowing it down just because it's harder work, then send it back out large to get the activity back.
Bad news re the car :-( I punctured a tyre on Friday with a sharp stone, luckily they will repair it and it won't be too expensive but I hate spending money on the cars.

Jean said...

Ah, Trudi's idea of spiraling in on the circle is a good one. Again, though, some of the new problems will sort themselves out as Molly gets more and more confident in carrying herself in this new way.

I too love lungeing and long lining. It's a different kind of partnership and one where the two of us can see each other. Neat. (Toby once told the communicator he liked it just because he could see me.)