Thursday, January 22, 2009

leg bandages

are a pain to put on .... especially this morning when molly spent some time waving her near hind about!  she eventually stopped

The legs are the least swollen they've bene for a while, with bandages ... TBH, i don't think it all REALLY cleared up from the autumn

they were even less swollen this afternoon when i went back

spent some of the morning looking at what EE peeps have used for mud fever, and trundling round the internet.

eventually bought some aromaheel; once it arrives, i'll slather it on and she can go out, and we'll see....gets good reviews, anyway.

the weather was horrid this morning so didn't do anything (had htought about some groundwork) but rode this afternoon.  RI turned up to give YO a lesson whilst I was in - said, different horse!  we're going well.  I said, next lesson we need to work on 2 things - having molly accept a slightly stronger contact without arguing about it, AND my lower leg/feet.  i've stopped putting the leg too far back, but still have an issue with movement (ending up with feet too far jammed into stirrup)

molly did work well though, she's definitely strengthening up. a halt/trot transition was good at one point.

also need to work on her working out sideways.....


Jean said...

What a lovely compliment from RI. You should be pleased as anything.

Wonder if the Aromaheel is anything like the salve my vet gave me several years ago. It has a nice aromatic fragrance. I didn't need to use it much as I caught the scratches (mud fever) really early on before it got bad. It was kind of like a bit of diaper rash, no more. Regardless, the medication worked a treat.

Di said...

Hi Claire
I used NAF Mud Guard cream this year.My young horse had some deep scabs on one leg. I didn't wash the leg, just kept applying this stuff until the scabs started to soften and come off. Its messy, but it stops the water getting through. It worked great. Hope she's better soon.

Claire said...