Saturday, January 17, 2009


to the yard and back. It was reasonable weather when i set off, nice and sunny, no breeze.

Time I got Molly in, mud taken off, tacked up, on - the wind was picking up and it was getting cooold....

the continuing good news is that she is still stanidng to be mounted - this is after 2 days not being ridden (you'll remember i lunged yesterday and didn't feel up to anything thursday).

and she still offered to take the contact down a couple of times in trot!

I was also thinking about why i'm putting too much weight on the inside, will have to work more on that. If i don't put the weight on the inside, I end up with that leg coming up a shade and feet moving to end up jammed too far into stirrups. mmm.

anyway, 25 minutes of reasonable work, still with a forward and softish trot, the only person still there said she was going, and i was getting cold, so stopped.

cycle home? half of it. I'm not fit to cycle UP the hill from the yard yet, so walked half cycled half.

partner was impressed - she said, she'd seen my car and thought i must have taken hers, realised i hadn't and took a while to realise i'd taken the bike! how much i do that depends on the weather, but it's only a mile, and I should!


trudi said...

hey mrs FIT!! Better bring your bike over next time then!!!

Claire said...

yeah, right.... :-)

Jean said...

Hey, maybe I could cycle to my barn too....all ninety feet...think it'd keep me fit. *wicked grin* Not sure I could cycle at all at this point with these knees.

Molly is learning! Fabulous.

Sounds is if you may be gripping with your knees. But do be sure to tell your trainer. Sometimes you can get so focused on the horse you forget the rider.

Claire said...

you;re right, jean - knees it was!