Sunday, February 01, 2009

i never thought i'd say this

But Molly was a pleasure to lunge this morning!

Either rein, as i wanted it.

i decided to lunge early as the forecast is horrid for later in the day (indeed, we had a snow shower as I turned her out afterwards) and I need to have a wheelbarrow hunt.

So I decided to lunge with side reins (set loosely) to see if i could get

1. relaxed work
2. molly seeking the contact.

managed both. even on the right rein - which she has always rushed, when she would go that way - she was relaxing and seeking the contact, and I could see she was carrying her tail. i started with the side reins very loose and every time we changed direction tightened them up a shade, but still not tight ....

and we got canter transition - oddly, better right than left! - so my ability to do that (and her ability to listen to me ask for it) is improving.

Walk wasn't so successful, but I wasn't going to work on that so much anyway, I just wanted her to walk when i told her.

My lunge cavesson doesn't really work with the bridle though - it's a comfort headpiece and particularly thick, and the cavesson just doesn't sit right with it. I did buy a new cavesson the other week, but it doesn't fit Molly very well ... i'm forever getting cavessons that don't really fit her. perhaps a pony one? the one i bought has bit carriers which is good, but not if it's not right on her! webbing, so not expensive, but annoying.


Di said...

Sounds like you had a great morning, It feels good, doesn't it, when everything goes right.

Jean said...

What amazing progress you are making. This is really good news.

The walk is always hard, whether under saddle or on the lines. It does not naturally have impulsion, so the horse does not tend to work well into the bit. Don't worry too much about it.

trudi said...

Sounds great Claire, hope the weather doesn't get too bad up there.

Stephanie said...

Did that one not fit either?

What a pain. Keep a hold of it and we'll see it it fits any of mine. I have an old, comfortable webbing one if you wanted to try it?

Guessing that Molly is getting stronger which is why she is getting better on her stiff side.

Good work! :)

Claire said...

i think you're right, Stephanie, she is becoming stronger .. but even taking that into account, it was amazing to have no arguments

yes, it's that cavesson you saw me buy ... too long! ggrrhh should fit yours no problem, i would have thought!