Friday, February 13, 2009

heat in the sun - on the snow!

still loads of snow on the ground, but when i went back to the yard at lunchtime with feed to drop off, it was so hot I decided to turn Molly out in the arena without her rug, whilst i sorted out the feed and skipped out again. These are the result. I didn't have it set to movie whilst she was rolling, i know, should have done. So i guess she was pleased!

Later, I rode in the large arena - not wholly successfully, i have to say, after about 20 minutes she decided not moving was good, and was ignoring my leg - now, i don't want to go back to kicking, which is just counter productive in the long run, so decided to see if i could sit her out - also thinking that if someone arrived, which happily they did, they could fetch me my schooling stick which was, unhelpfully, in the stable.

after about 10 minutes, my prayer was answered, RI turned up (she mucks out a friends horse sometimes) and brought me my stick - one tap, and molly moved.

after that, i concentrated on getting the walk right and getting her moving into the contact, ended up doing lots of 10 - 15 metre circles; could only get half round the arena before we lost it!

when i put her away, turned out a lot of the problem was that she needed a wee - she's one of those that doesn't when you're on her! ah well.


trudi said...

Lovely pics, always makes me smile how they love to roll in snow and ice, bizare really for us to even contemplate it.

Claire said...

i think it's because they want to clean themselves the way THEY want, never mind what we want (plus, at this time of year, the relief of getting rid of a rug must be quite subtantial, LOL)

Jean said...

Same kind of weather we had a few days ago. Really warm with snow cover. Looks like Molly was having as much fun as my Boys did.

Every ride teaches you something. I guess this time you learned to carry your stick. *G* Horses never get tired of teaching us.