Thursday, February 12, 2009

2nd post - 2 inches of chaos

There was no more than 2" of snow, possibly 3" - it didn't cover my feet! - but it's amazing how much chaos that can cause when it's unexpected and snowing heavily!

i didn't take the car, got myself all warmly wrapped up and walked down - glad i did, as if there had been a gritter along the road i'll be surprised, and it would have been a bit dodgy, i think - plus there's an incline into our street makes it difficult once a couple of cars have been over and turned it to ice!

but after I got there, and had mucked out, it stopped snowing and turned into a mizzly rain for a bit - so I put molly in her waterproof exercise sheet and roller and lunged anyway - only for exercise, in the BB, rather than for work.

the only bit of the arena that ended up icy was the bit i was standing on, i turned it slippy by virtue of standing on it in one place, so i moved around a bit to avoid slipping.

so because of the non slippy snowy arena and the barefoot horse, some exercise at trot and canter.

and i walked home, also well exercised!

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