Tuesday, February 03, 2009

rain? pond? sun?

rained hugely overnight - not sure it stopped, was still raining this morning.

huge pond all round the barn this morning - blocked drains. hay got in them (going to get finer mesh covers! and we're all going to try and sweep up better...)

sunshine this afternoon, turned into a glorious day.

took molly out for a walk in hand - i'd kept her in, not happy with those legs

rang the people i bought the stuff off

decided to try and wash it off - NOT easy, as it's impermeable! a barrier - and try the healing cream, keeping her in.

i said, and i think this is right, what works for one horse, won't necessarily work for another! the bugs a slightly different, possibly, the horses of course are all different...might ring the vet and see what they suggest...

be easier if there was somewhere non muddy to turn out in through the day, but there isn't...the world is made of mud. and despite this having been one of the drier winters, the ground doesn't dry out after it's raing - clay subsoil, yeugh. never been on clay before....


trudi said...

Oh I really feel for you on clay. We had good old Befordshire clay for years and it drove me quite round the bend. Glad it turned out to be a nice day there for you though, seems the snow and cold hit harder further south.

Jean said...

Yuck. I hate mud. I am going to have lots when the snow melts.

Hope you find something for Molly's legs that works. It's upsetting to think she is still having problems. And that mud is no help.

I always had good luck with plain old zinc oxide--diaper rash ointment. (Desitan, here in the USA) But didn't you try that before?

Claire said...

nappy rash cream. now there's a thought! i already keep nappies in stock in case a foot needs poulticing LOL

no, hadn't tried that!

Jean said...

Hot toweling. Use water as hot as you can stand. Soak the towel and then wring it out and apply to horse. You can rub it a bit. The idea is not to get the horse overly wet. Out comes a lot of the dirt.

Hard to say how it would work on her legs. I'd curry and brush first to get off the worst of the mud, then try the hot towels.

The diaper rash stuff I use is pretty waterproof. If you have the same stuff it is hard to get off things so just be aware.