Saturday, February 21, 2009

fun with poles

i thought rather than really work hard again, i'd do what i'd been planning for a while and put 4 poles and my polepods in the smaller arena, as it's easier to keep heron track in there. Happily, I got some help with the poles, which are solid wood, a ton weight.

anyway, that was a good plan.

I didn't put a bit on, just used the bitless - on the ground if we ended up in an argument about poles, i wouldn't be jabbing her in the mouth, and it's great for lunging in anyway

So molly worked nicely over the poles, followed me about like a lamb when i rearranged them, and finished up volunteering herself to freeschool over them.

my final idea was to have the polepods 2 high, with two poles - she did some nice jumps over them, and right rein i asked for and got canter before it and she jumped it nicely. Not so good left rein, but happy to trot it.

was good to watch...

the only thing was, i so wished i'd done all that in the morning, the weather was a lot better!

and when i got home, having made dinner, i decided to bake since i had the oven on - scones, which i haven't been successful with in the past, but these are great, properly risen - and i've had one already. very nice...


Jean said...

Hey, you and I were on the same wavelength with the lungeing and the poles. I just jumped Tucker, but still....just seemed a good day for it.

Scones sound yummy. I don't bake much any more. If I make it, I eat it, and a whole batch of cookies for one person is a lot.

Di said...

Free schooling AND hot scones, sounds like a great day!