Friday, February 20, 2009

short and damp

Damp, because it was raining - that mizzle turning into proper rain that can't make its mind up..

Short - because partner had rung and changed the plan, and because it was raining.


I think so.

Molly much softer, quicker, left rein, and starting to get it (balance sooner) right rein..

We were in the smaller arena to avoid boggier bits, as it isn't drying out (because of the intermittent heavy rain on top of the wet left by melting snow)

Having 2 to choose from is useful....

and i think i've come to the conclusion that the internet problem was a cable problem ... now why didn't i think of that before? ah well....

1 comment:

Jean said...

A cable is just too easy to fix...that's why you didn't think of it. *S*

Still making progress is always a good thing. Molly seems to be really cooperating too, which is really nice.

Hope the weather clears up and dries up.