Friday, February 27, 2009

much better

firstly, the weather warmed up so much between my turning molly into the round pen and finishing mucking out this afternoon, that i had to take my jacket off

secondly, we are making progress.

the schooling stick is in my outside hand which means that i don't catch her wrongly on a circle and it's much easier to keep that right...

i forgot to say, my other problem is arthritis in two fingers on the right hand, combined with b'd right wrist ..

anyway, i was finding it easier myself today

Molly is finding it easier as well - particularly when i remember to advance the relevant seat bone as well for a circle!

maybe the day off yesterday helped as well....


trudi said...

Claire, you're as broke as me! It keeps going in theright direction...excellent.

Jean said...

Every day more progress. This is great! I am so glad to hear how well you both are doing.

And, it gets easier to coordinate things when you start to get the right responses.

Ride On!! *S*

Di said...

A day off usually helps!!