Monday, February 16, 2009

internet connection

i'd been wondering for a while whethere there was something wrong with my modem... worked out tonight (after not being able to get on the internet at all, for ages!) that in fact the ethernet connection was slightly loose at the back of the modem (this is what happens when people move things from where theywere, not me, of course!).

sorted now.

someone has just sent me an email thanking me for an order and my money, telling me the book has been sent - when they sent it in July, I've just had to dig through my paypal account to confirm the date. how confusing.

back to the internet connection - it went down again for a couple of hours, wonder if i was right first time?


Jean said...

Bummer. I remember how frustrating it was last summer when my Internet kept going on the fritz.

Hope you find the problem and get it sorted soon.

Di said...

Yes, my internet connection is frustration, certainly has a mind of its own!!