Sunday, February 15, 2009

more improvement

lunged today, since i hadn't yesterday. the new girth is a perfect fit on the roller, so that's good.

and Molly?

carrying herself much better, straight into it, i was very pleased.

I wasn't so pleased with myself, i cannot give an aid for canter to save myself.... pah.

whilst I was doing that, partner went for a walk over the fields and down to the River Wear, which is REALLY full with all the snow runoff:


trudi said...

What do you use as your canter aid then Claire?
Gla it's all going in the right direction still :-)

Jean said...

Wow, I know some white water enthusiasts who'd have fun kayaking in that water.

But so much better than ice!!

My horses canter on the lunge off the "canter" command. Might be kind of hard for Molly still if she's not sure of her balance.

Did your trainer teach you a trick or two? Maybe she has some ideas.