Thursday, February 19, 2009

canter transition

on the lunge. finally got it quite nicely, instead of having to run round with her, which isn't good.

she was looking good on the lunge.

the only problem was - as we finished, it started to rain - and i'd left my washing on the line.

and the internet? the router clearly wasn't the problem, so i've wasted more money... drat. i suppose i can sell it.

the difficulty is to know what the problem REALLY is!

in the meantime, I also have a mobile broadband dongle, which I am using on the laptop next to the window when the main broadband is down.

very tedious indeed.

i guess i need to check the phone line with BT and check with my ISP in case of network settings. it may be there's some damp in a line box at the moment...


trudi said...

Good news for the canter then but not so good for the computer, you lost me when you started talking about the that point I glazed over, sad for one who studied electronics and telecommunications.

Jean said...

Phooey. I gave up on ISP here and went to cable TV modem instead. I kept having trouble and got tired of calling India for service when it was actually something in the line here between the station and my house.

Good about the canter transition, though! It really makes the day better. Hope your wash dried OK. That is kind of a "balancing" downer.

Claire said...

we can't get cable here, Jean, they haven't put it in - we're too far out of the city (3 miles, LOL!)

The wash wasn't ruined, just the leading edges a bit damp so on the airer in the bathroom.

and no wheelbarrows i really like in the shops....

and now i've gone back to the original router, with cables from the new one ... and we'll see what happens tomorrow!