Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wasted £40 ...

The wheelbarrow. That's the trouble with buying things on the internet - it's all very well if you've seen it in the shop first, but when you haven't you have to rely on the picture - which in this case, wasn't a good move.

It isn't as deep as it looked to be in the picture, doesn't have a square front, and doesn't have any stability side to side when you fill it.

so i've wasted my money (save that i'll bring it home and use it in the garden, since the barrow we had there got stolen by the someone some years ago .... and will have to spend more money on a barrow I do want... if i can find one.


when i eventually got her clean after her two rolls in the round pen last night and this morning (she was dirty!) and she currently HATES me trying to get the dried on sweat off the girth area on the right hand side, despite there being nothing whatsoever that anyone can see or feel to cause a problem - cow kick, anyone? i have to keep an eagle eye on the leg on that side!

anyway, rode, to carry on where we left off last night - only for 1/2 hour, but was being effective, as I eventually got something i haven't had for a while - all the way round in walk on the contact with no arguemnt - recently it's only been part way.

so i need to keep that up.

and I practice the "go sideways" aid a couple of times, with the purpose of moving her to the right towards the fence line - successfully, as we move sideways and stayed straight.

and the router? thought i'd sorted it this morning after plugging the ethernet cable into a different port onthe router, but it was gone again after a couple of hours. had planned to go get a new router after i'd been to the yard, but a lack of headlight bulb on one side meant the better option was go home....


trudi said...

Amazing how important a good wheelie is, I love my lightweight and it's quite deep...have to hide it from Patrick as he's always got his full of cement or rubble!!

Jean said...

H-m-m. Getting the right wheelbarrow is an art. Maybe there is one lurking in a store nearby?

Good work with Molly. Getting the walk is the hardest gait. There just isn't enough natural impulsion to make it easy, so if you kept her head down, that is a super good sign she has a good idea of the concept.