Sunday, February 08, 2009

frozen mud

at -4, which meant that molly could go in the small paddock for the day, since if it did thaw a shade that isn't deep mud at all (unlike the field!).

and i gave her the day off from work, as she's worked so hard the last 2 days & got to go out.

me? we spent the day clearing a drain ... cheaper than getting a man in to do it!


trudi said...

Oh I bet she was happy to get some time out Claire. Lesson sounded good too, glad it's all coming together.

English Rider said...

Is it strange to admit that I enjoy clearing a drain or digging a ditch? Something about a task which has a beginning and an end with a visible result.
So much of daily life is effort thrown up like chaff against a headwind.

Nicola said...

Oh nice.I must admit to liking a bit of DIY i'll have a crack at most things..been painting and laying floors for my mum today in her new bungalow!

Jean said...

Glad Molly got out for a bit. Good for the brain, good for the body, and good for those legs.

Hope that drain stays clear for the rest of the season. It would be a nice bonus for your hard work.