Thursday, February 05, 2009

i am here!

and i did ride - in the arena, which is a total bog now after all the rain and melted snow - and in the smaller arena, which isn't a bog but doesn't have the space to get going (well, girl with warmblood can even canter in there, but we can barely trot because of our current lack of collection/balance for the space...)

it was very cold. I put the wrap round exercise sheet on (the sort that wraps over the saddle and velcros in front, also keeps my legs warm) but discovered that it is too long for Molly - it was fine with her mother, but on molly far too long and no way of stopping it pulling back, short of totally remodelling it at the front.... m. shame, my thighs were warm when it stayed in place!

a good look at the legs without mud shows that the hair is growing back, thus the cream is in fact working and i have ordered some more, but i shan't turn out until there's much more improvement, not into the mud soup we have at the moment...had RI to look as well, i find the angle difficult with these specs, and she agreed, hair growing back.

subject to the weather, lesson on saturday (bank says i have a bit more money than i thought I did...)


Jean said...

Too bad about the exercise rug. That would solve the cold thighs problem for sure.

I'm expecting the bog myself as it will get warm enough to melt stuff this weekend.

Glad to hear Molly's legs are looking better. That was a worry for sure.

I'll send good vibes for your lesson. Hope it happens.

trudi said...

wish my bank did, lol

Di said...

Shame about the weather, good news about the hair and the bank though!