Thursday, February 26, 2009

horrid north wind

oneof those winds that goes right through you, not round you.

pointless lunging as the lunge line would have been blown about too much

and too windy to ride really

so nothing done. but she DID need a day off.

and she wasnt' very suited when i turned her out in the pen for exercise, but there was no one to talk to over the fence....


English Rider said...

Spring will come. Horses will get fat on bright green grass.

Jean said...

Sooner or later the weather is just going to have to get better. No point at all in trying to work in the wind.

Di said...

A lazy wind, can't be bothered to go round, just goes right through you!!!

Spring will come, its been lovely and sunny here the last few days.

Sorry, that sounds just too damn smug!! LOL