Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new router

is what's required, i think... it isn't the phone line, or the pc, it's the router

ah well.

in the meantime, Molly.

We had a lesson today. RI thinks molly not strong enough for lateral work, but showed me how to get her to get her quarters moving over and gave me an exercise to do re. that.

then after that we worked on trot/contact

I MUST not let her get the better of me by letting her get the reins pulled through my hands

we got some really nice work!

and SO warm - shirtsleeve order for me! i was too hot with light jacket on.

and molly worked so hard it was an hour until she'd cooled down enough to have her tea....

1 comment:

Jean said...

Great lesson, then. I like your trainer's attitude about not pushing Molly past her limits strengthwise. It's a sure way to sour a horse demanding more than they are ready for.

Good luck with the router. Hopefully that will fix things.