Wednesday, February 04, 2009

black ice

an adventure this morning.

Samantha rode over to my yard and we went out for a hack. over the narrow bridge, up through the estate, down the country lane, a bit slippy, through a HUGE pond where the road was flooded, and it was at this point that the black ice either side was really a bit scary.

after the pond (which Molly went charging through after initial hesitation) the ice was really dodgy and we nearly fell over (despite being barefoot) and we both thought we could hear an engine coming up the other way - blind bend. so i got her onto the verge and got off - TBH, my nerves had been a bit frayed by the nearly falling over episode, and given that we were sure something was coming and she'd been REALLY good all the way round, i thought i'd lead the rest.

Then of course, there wasn't in fact anything coming, the ice eased off after the next corner, there was no where to get back on and once we got round back to the road I was struggling to keep up with my own horse! (on a mission, she was!)

but I was SO pleased with her.

friend was on a shod 4 year old, and not sure how they stayed upright, TBH, a couple of times!

I'll lunge her later, I expect, but that was a really good ride...


Di said...

A really good ride sets me up for the day. It makes everything worthwhile!

Jean said...

Glad to hear Molly was so enthusiastic. Maybe the new discoveries in the arena training are carrying over into the field.

Scary moments on that ice. If it was bad with no shoes, I agree the other horse/rider were really lucky to stay up. I do have ice studs on my horses' shoes but they don't do much when the ice is too hard or wet.

Sometimes getting off is the better option. At least you got most of a good ride in.

trudi said...

Well done Molly AND Claire...sounds like a good day.