Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lunged again

i think i've pretty much decided that the plan is 2 days ridden, one day lunged....maybe interspersed with longlining as well

back in the day when i had Queenie in work, i used to do one day hack, one day lunge, one day school - don't trust Molly hacking on her own yet, i don't think, so that'll be ad hoc when i have some company.

so today i lunged. not QUITE as good as the other day, but partly as i'd chosen a time to start when I could only see for half the circle, due to sun in my eyes the other half!

but we got there, which is good.

yesterday we had another first - i've never actually seen Molly lying down in her stable before, normally she hears my car and is up before I get to her stable, but yesterday she was lying down, and stayed there whilst i went into the stable and said hello. so clearly a chilled horse..

1 comment:

Di said...

Sun!!!, the lucky one.

Sounds like you're getting a good schooling schedule together.