Monday, June 01, 2009


is the day the back man can come....

hopefully i hear from the farrier soon .. spent all last week trying to get through to him but something was going awry with the texting, finally went on Saturday!

I did think about trying to learn to trim her myself, but my back wouldn't hack it... so i shan't!

happily, we're back to 3 mares, new filly (rising 3 year old ID cross, more ID than anything!) turned out this morning!

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Jean said...

Ah, more company for Molly! That should make it easier to bring her in alone.

Glad the back man can get there quickly. What a relief.

I wouldn't be able to do much trimming myself, either. Maybe a bit of rasping on one horse, but surely not a thorough job. Too much strain on the knees and back.