Tuesday, June 16, 2009

time off

from anything is never good.

i reminded myself why i'd stopped doing flexions....molly won't stand still, won't stand square, and (in this stable) insists on looking out of the window....

at previous yard she wasn't quite so insistent on that but clearly wasn't quite square which was why she moved forward into me.

until she settles more and is happy in her current stable, i won't be able to do any flexions at all in there... pointless doing them in teh arena, too much space

then when i went to the arena to get on ... had to go back to teh stable for the pressure halter and a rope! she did in due course agree to stand still whilst i got on. she wasn't ansty about it, or stressed, just insisted on moving off!

after that we got nice walk in both directions and circles and round someone lunging her new horse

tonight she's out in another huge field with a new mare (well, mare that was here, hurt itself and has been elsewhere getting better and is now out with molly separate from the other 2 mares...) hope they're ok.


Danni said...

Hopefully with time she'll settle and the flexion sessions will be more productive :)

Jean said...

Is that the young mare that got hurt the first day she was there? Hope so, mostly because it means she is back and feeling better.

Most of those flexing exercises need a good, concentrated environment. Hopefully Molly will settle enough so you can work them with her once in a while.

Cabruze said...

Perhaps you could start by just getting her to stand calmly with a nice relaxed and down neck? Not easy in itself but should help with all other work.