Friday, June 26, 2009

molly the leader!!!

only once, through the ford on the way back, but i was still pretty impressed!

friend now keeping her horse on my yard came up to ride out, and as I was unexpectedly free I went ....when she first texted me i thought i wouldn't be free but i was ... and it was raining! but molly had already been brought in before it started (the owner of the other 2 mares having brought both his in!) so was dry ... so off we went, me being visible for miles around in my bright yellow riding mac!

along the road, down the back drive, through the ford, through a couple of gates (tash had to wrestle with those!) through harbour house, down the hill, round the 20 acre, back through the ford up the track and back along the road to the arena for 10 minutes....

friend's horse came out of training about 2 months ago .... good as gold, save he'd never met water before... so 5 minutes thinking about that one and he went through first.. on the way back, i managed to get molly past him, she gave half a thought to not going through but did and gave him a lead (he was stil a bit dubious!).

the yellow mac came into it's own when we were nearly back, big wagon behind us that was half thinking about passing us on a blind bend where we knew he couldn't but he didn't.... and we were turning right .. so I put my hand out to show him that he couldn't and that we were turning, and he slowed right up and hung back till we had turned!

edited to add: i needed wipers on my glasses though... it were a bit damp!


Jean said...

Good for Molly!! What a brave girl to show the way. Sounds like a lovely ride too and you made it all the way. And thank goodness for the yellow mac. Some drivers just don't understand how dangerous combining horses and traffic can become. Glad the guy repected the saffron salute!! *G*

Jean said...

That's supposed to be "respected the saffron salute!"