Thursday, June 25, 2009


what is is, on right rein Molly wants me to be on the wrong diagonal....that doesn't help

got on first time, which pleased me as we've been a bit dubious about mounting since the saddle slipping incident!

walk was nice.

trot left was ok, got direction i wanted as well and some nice circles..

right rein ...tranter ... boot on ....very iffy ... as soon as i put myself on the correct diagonal she dislikes that...mmmm to work on.

the other good thing .. first time for a good while she didn't argue about me picking her back feet up!


Jean said...

Left hind leg, then, most likely. Probably mostly a strength issue. You are up out of the saddle when the inside hind is on the ground and in the saddle when the outside leg is on the ground. The outside hind then pushes you up into the post again.

The more fit she gets the better it should be.

Claire said...

that will relate to that bang she had the other week ... and possible something else we don't know about ...thanks jean!

Danni said...

Hope the diagonal issue is a temporary one.

Great to hear about the success with mounting and hoof handling :D