Tuesday, June 09, 2009


well, i don't suppose it was really, but I felt really cold (had the heating on this morning) and when i got to the yard it was cold and windy and molly was desperate to be out (had been in for about 3 hours by then...) and i really couldn't feel up to anything ... so i fed her and turned her out, so she was happy! and it's rained a couple of times since i came home again so i don't feel so bad about not doing anything...think i'm having a bit of a blue phase ATM, actually! partner worries about me spending so much time at home on my own, and possibly is right... rejuvenation on thursday, off to bramham horse trials for the day.


trudi said...

Yes I can imagine working alone can get you down. Maybe a little retail therapy at B?? Weather isn't a great help either, Patrick is miserable on account of it at the moment LOL.

Nicola said...

Ah this is the first year I wont be going to Bramham for about 7/8years. Its a great day out,I usually go on XC day.
Enjoy im jealous!

Jean said...

What is with this weather? Cold one day, hot the next and, at least here, not much of the "in between nice" variety. Considering the rain you made the best choice about working Molly.

Have fun at Bramham.

Cabruze said...

Hope it stays dry for your trip to Bramham!
I love working from home and being a recluse .... but I do go to see customers and spend some time in the office now I'm back doing a few hours! And of course I've got Millie to cuddle!