Monday, June 22, 2009

!!!! TROT !!!!!

first time since when? about a month before I left Leamside?

Granted it wasn't the best trot on this earth, but considering teh grief we've been having getting it at all!

I reckon all this massage must have something to do with it ...

but anyway, i was quite pleased with her!

not quite so pleased with me .. when i took the saddle off, it was clear from the sweat pattern that i'm weighting the left seatbone too much (or the right one not enough, whichever way you want to look at it!) so will have RI look at that - probably wednesday it'll be now. Saw her tonight .. what a chapter of disasters, hope i don't lose any more phones (although as i said to someone tonight, it did mean i couldn't be rung up and nagged as to when i was coming home!)


trudi said...

I rarely even switch my mobile on but they do have their uses, nagging by mobile...definitely one to avoid.

Jean said...

Molly and you are probably in a cooperative effort to get you onto that left seatbone. Most horses prefer to carry us on one side or the other (Caroline has noted that with Radar, and Tucker works on me all the time.) It takes a great deal of focus and effort to sit where we really belong and then get the horse to carry us there.

Glad you and RI have gotten together. A lesson would be ideal right about now.

Nicola said...

Sometimes its quite liberating to be without a moblie...obviously after the initial shock of it not being there wears off!:)))

Danni said...

I'm constantly attached to my phone, a sad fact!

Sounds like you had a great ridden session, hope between you, Molly and your RI you can figure out what's going on with your seatbones. I'm sure it'll be a minor adjustment and then practice, practice, practice!