Friday, June 05, 2009

rain rain go away

well it had by 5, when i went down to see molly .. but teemed down from about 0600 until then!

happily, i didn't have to wrestle with the hill in the mud ... they were up by the other drive, so i took the feed dish round in the car and fed her there!

She'd already been in at lunchtime, as it turned out - the owner of the other 2 mares got them all in as he wanted his in to dry out and rug them... had i put a rug on molly, she would have severely overheated (as it was, she was really really warm and toasty! despite the rain).

an i am told that at 0700 or thereabouts this morning she was to be seen standing next to the water trough .. with a young deer! I said, where was the camera LOL


Jean said...

Copycat....*G* (Read your comment on my blog. Great minds think alike???)

Glad you didn't have to negotiate the hill.

Cold and rainy here, but the Boys didn't seem to care. They were out in the pasture grazing.

trudi said...

rain, rain stay a day or two...well at least here. It's already going brown and dry and we've had a cracking thunder storm tonight but not nearly enough rain. Hope you get a dry one tomorrow.

c2b said...

What a shame no camera for the deer shot, that would have been wonderful.
Rain rain go away, my grandaughter has a lesson today it's going to be pretty miserable in this.